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Our department offers many Scholarships to those who choose History as a course of study.


With a strong liberal arts background and skills in researching, synthesizing and articulating information, history grads succeed in a wide range of fields including education, law, business, government, medicine and more. See Job and Careers in History.

Beyond the Classroom

History students benefit from a number of exciting opportunities for enriching their campus life and exploring the field first hand.

  • Student History Club -This student organization hosts activities ranging from meals using recipes from various historical periods to excursions to performances in Omaha.
  • Student History Conference -You can present your research at the Student History Conference, the oldest undergraduate research conference in the Upper Midwest. Students from campuses within a 200-mile radius gather for this annual event, with presentations, discussions, guest speakers and more. 
  • Phi Alpha Theta- This active national honorary history society chapter works with the student History Club.
  • South Dakota Oral History Center -The center houses nearly 5,500 recorded interviews reflecting South Dakota history and the American Indian experience in the Upper Missouri region. Administered by USD's Institute of American Indian Studies, the center holds one of the largest oral history collections in the country.
  • The Cash Collection - Housed in the Institute of American Indian Studies, the Cash Collection is a library of over 4,000 volumes on North American frontier history, with special emphasis on South Dakota's American Indians, mining and literature.
  • Field Opportunities - Opportunities such as archeological digs are available.
  • Summer Study Opportunities - Students may spend a summer abroad in Greece studying the language and literature of ancient Greece through our department's "Isles of Greece" program. This includes direction and support for undergraduate research projects during the school year and summers.
  • Internships and Other Paraprofessional Opportunities - You can earn academic credit as an intern in the University Archives or in a summer job at a regional museum, among other opportunities. Contact your history advisor for more information.