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Math Seminars

Spring 2014 Seminars

  • The Use of Randomization Methods in Teaching Introductory Statistics
    Nathan Tintle
    January 29, Arts & Sciences Room 107, 4 p.m. - 5 p.m.

A growing movement in statistics education is to use permutation, bootstrapping and simulation methods (broadly defined as 'randomization methods') when teaching introductory statistics to non-math majors (Stat 101). I will provide a history of this movement, with particular attention to a textbook under development by myself and six others (Beth Chance, George Cobb, Allan Rossman, Soma Roy, Todd Swanson and Jill VanderStoep; I will compare and contrast our approach with the traditional sequence of topics in Stat 101 and a few other randomization-based curriculum projects underway, summarize published assessment data on these approaches and discuss implementation details.