There are three avenues for completing the program:

Four-Year Program

  • Freshman/sophomore - complete the basic course.
  • Pre-junior year - you're contracted.
  • Junior/senior - complete the advanced course.
  • Summer between junior/senior year - attend Operation Warrior Forge: The Leadership Development and Assessment Course (LDAC).

Two-Year Program

  • For those who want to join after their sophomore year (undergrad or grads with at least four semesters of school remaining).
  • Prior to final four semesters - you're conditionally contracted and attend Leader's Training Course (LTC: a paid four-week training course held at Fort Knox, KY).
  • Following completion of LTC, you're contracted and admitted to the advanced course.
  • Prior to graduation - attend Operation Warrior Forge: The Leadership Development and Assessment Course.

Prior Military Service

  • If you have qualified prior service in the Army, Navy, Air Force or Marines, you may be eligible for placement in the advanced course without the basic course/LTC prerequisite. In addition, Army National Guard and Army Reserve students/soldiers may join ROTC their junior year and earn additional money as a cadet.
  • The curriculum - our program has these primary components:
    • Basic - MSL 101/102 (1-credit courses) and MSL 201/202 (2-credit courses) - a study of current military issues, the role of officers in the Army, the history of military service and map reading.
    • Advanced - MSL 301/302/401/402 (4-credit courses): a study of interpersonal skills, Army officer ranks and responsibilities and leadership techniques.
    • Fitness training.
    • Once-a-month leadership labs for practical training.

Leadership Development & Assessment Course

All contracted student cadets attend this paid four-week training event in Fort Lewis, WA, usually between their junior and senior years, or the summer after graduation, depending on your entry into the program.

Nursing Career

Through partnership agreements with various local colleges, students enrolled in a nursing curriculum can participate in ROTC sponsored by USD.

Full tuition four-year scholarships are available to students pursuing a BSN through:

Partner Schools

Cadets at the Prairie Fire Battalion often participate in the ROTC program at USD while attending a partnership school at one of the following locations.