College of Arts & Sciences

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Our Mission

To fulfill its primary mission of serving the people of South Dakota and the region, the College of Arts & Sciences offers undergraduate and graduate degrees in a wide range of academic disciplines, provides an intellectual foundation for the entire University, delivers high-quality instruction through traditional and innovative means, advances knowledge through original research and scholarship, disseminates that knowledge through publication and classroom instruction, and serves the academic disciplines.

The College of Arts & Sciences is deeply committed to the values and principles of academic freedom and integrity, ethical conduct, equal opportunity, and respect for diversity. To fulfill its mission, the College emphasizes - as life-long pursuits - the search for truth and learning, the development of personal responsibility and global stewardship, dedication to democratic citizenship, and the application of multidisciplinary problem-solving to improve the human condition.        

-adopted by the faculty of the College of Arts & Sciences
on January 14, 2003