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A Broad Scope

The French Studies program offers you a thorough training in the language and culture of the more than 100 million people who live in France and the other Francophone areas of the world. In the process, you'll become aware of vital and influential traditions in Francophone literature and the arts that span more than a thousand years and a language of importance for politics, international diplomacy, science, technology, medicine and business.  

French Studies recognizes the need to provide today's students with a much broader education in French than that afforded by traditional programs that focus primarily on the language and literature. As a consequence, we offer courses in French Film, Francophone Culture and Business French as well as in translation and literature. For the same reason, we include in our scope the French-speaking world as a whole. Although we emphasize France, we also provide an introduction to the other French-speaking countries of Europe, Asia, Africa and North and South America.  

After Graduation

The French Studies program offers graduates a wide variety of educational and employment possibilities. It prepares you for careers in government service, in print and electronic journalism and in language-related professions such as translating and interpreting. It also enables you to enter the teaching profession and to pursue advanced study in French at the masters and doctoral levels. With supplemental work in areas such as political science, law or management, graduates of the program could embark on careers in international affairs, law and business.  


The most important resource available to you as a student of French at USD is the Language Lab in 310 Slagle Hall. In it, you'll find the entire video tape program of French in Action, which is used in first- and second-year courses, as well as a television monitor to use for video tapes or for watching foreign broadcasts via satellite. There are also a number of computers available for student use. These come equipped with a French-language word processor (Système D), grammar and vocabulary software, and access to USD's backbone for sending and reading email. There are a variety of dictionaries available for student use as well.

ContactUs  Maria Slocum, Visiting Faculty
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