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Our program in German at USD provides a broad academic curriculum in the language, history, culture and literature of German-speaking Europe. For more than 20 years, the international orientation of our section has been strongly enhanced by our guest speakers, visitors, interim study tours and our on-going exchange programs.

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By completing a one-year sequence in German (GER 101/102), you will fulfill both your Goal #4 (Humanities) and #7 (Cultural Diversity) general education requirements at the same time! By completing four semesters of German, you will fulfill the language requirement established at the College of Arts & Sciences for the Bachelor of Arts degree. Completing just 18 hours (including the first two years) will grant you a minor in German. Completing 36 hours will grant you a major in German. Email us at for more information if double majoring.  

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Strong Roots

German-speaking countries of Europe have made a vital contribution to Western civilization. At present, German is spoken by approximately 90 million people in Austria, Germany, and Switzerland, as well as in other countries of East Central Europe. German is recognized as one of the official languages of the European Community. In addition, German immigration, culture, and language have very strong roots in the U.S., particularly in the Upper Midwest. Germans constitute the second largest ethnic minority in the U.S., and Germany is a major international trading partner of South Dakota after Canada.  

Study Abroad in Germany

USD students have a long tradition of studying German language at USD's partner institutions, including:

Among semester and year-long options, Carol von Ossietzky Universitat also offers an intensive German-language summer program. For more information about studying abroad and to schedule an advising appointment, contact the Global Learning program in the Center for Academic Engagement by emailing, calling 677-6338, or coming to the office in Academic Commons - Suite 103.

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