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Learning another language is more than a vocabulary list and pronunciation key. It's learning to speak, listen, read and write, and it's also learning to understand another culture.  

No matter what career path you choose – education, business, government, healthcare or another – proficiency in more than one language and knowledge of other cultures can give you a powerful advantage in today's multicultural world.  

We Offer Programs in:

Although Language does not offer formal graduate programs, courses are available for graduate credit and students can pursue the Master of Arts in Interdisciplinary Studies or the Master of Arts in Secondary Education with an emphasis in foreign language.

Foreign Language Placement

If you are interested in taking a foreign language class and have had previous exposure to the language, it is highly recommended that you take the WebCAPE foreign language placement test. This exam will help to determine which level of the language you should take as your first course.

For students interested in Spanish- or German-speaking regions, interdisciplinary minors are available for the study of those areas. French and German are also offered as a collaborative major with other South Dakota universities.

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