College of Arts & Sciences Philosophy

Course Offerings

Regular Course Offerings

  • Introduction to Philosophy, Introduction to Logic, and Introduction to Ethics are offered every semester.
  • Ethics and Value Theory is offered at least every other year.
  • Ancient, Modern, and Contemporary Philosophy are usually taught on a rotating basis, repeating every two years.
Next Semester

Our projected course offerings for Fall 2014:

Course #
Course Title
Credits Professor Date/Time
Introduction to Philosophy 3
Meyer M W F 11-11:50 AM
PHIL/CLHU-100-U025  Introduction to Philosophy 3 TBA T Th 11-12:15 PM
Introduction to Logic 3 Meyer M W F 9-9:50 AM
Introduction to Ethics 3 TBA
T Th 9:30-10:45 AM
Introduction to Ethics 3 TBA
T Th 11-12:15 PM
PHIL-220-U035  Introduction to Ethics 3 TBA M W F 10-10:50 AM 
PHIL-220-U820T  Introduction to Ethics  3 TBA Off Campus INTERNET
Philosophy of Law 3 Meyer M W F 2-2:50 PM 
PHIL-364-U015 Biomedical Ethics  3 TBA T Th 3:30-4:45 PM 
PHIL-414/514-U015 Modern Philosophy 3 TBA T Th 2-3:15 PM  
PHIL-420/520-U015 Ethics and Value Theory  3 TBA T Th 12:30-1:45 PM

Complete Catalogue of Philosophy Courses

See all Philosophy Courses Offered and their descriptions from our Undergraduate Catalog.

Philosophy Course for Graduate Students

Philosophy courses at the 400 level are cross listed at the 500 level so that graduate students from other departments can take them for credit.  Additionally, some 300 level courses may be available to take as a graduate level independent study during semesters in which those courses are offered. 

See 500 Courses offered.