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Jason Goon

Jason Goon
Visiting Faculty
Physics, College of Arts & Sciences
UAK Akeley-Lawrence Science Center 106
Phone: 605-677-3187
My PhD dissertation focuses on the nuclear structure of neutron deficient nuclei near Z=82 shell gap using g-ray and a-decay measurements produced in heavy-ion induced reactions. My post-doctoral research involved the studies of the properties of neutrinos produced in the sun and the nuclear reactor. The associated experiments are the SNO and Double Chooz experiments.
Research Interests:
My current research objective focuses on physics of neutrinos and rare-event s. It is a research field of great interest and excitement due to the recent discovery of non-zero neutrino mass and its oscillating properties. These properties are fundamental constants and measuring them will further enhance our understanding of physics. I'm currently with the LBNE experiment (Homestake, SD), a long baseline neutrino experiment tasked with the measuring of the remaining neutrino properties.