College of Arts & Sciences Farber Center


Political Science Department

The Department of Political Science at USD is among the most nationally prominent programs in the country.  We take pride not only in our high national ranking and our award-winning faculty, but also in the fact that our students frequently earn some of the nation's most prestigious scholarships for continued studies. 

Chiesman Fund

The Allene R. Chiesman Fund for Civic Education promotes civic education by creating a greater awareness of the meaning of democracy and democratic ideals, the role of law and the nature of citizenship in a democratic society, and  the relationship of economics and democracy.

Criminal Justice

The Criminal Justice Studies program emphasizes the key components of police, courts, corrections, and juvenile justice in the criminal justice processes of our local, state, and federal governments.

Farber Fund    

The Farber Fund provides more than $170,000 each year for Political Science and Criminal Justice majors to attend conferences, participate in study tours, complete internships, travel abroad and conduct research.

Government Research Bureau (GRB)

The GRB conducts applied research on public policy and administrative issues affecting the State of South Dakota, local governments, and American Indian Reservations.

International Studies

International Studies helps students become internationally literate and familiar with diverse cultures, ideas, languages, politics, history, literature and more. 

Master of Science in Administration

This cross-disciplinary program provides tools and organizational skills necessary to more effectively perform administrative roles.