College of Arts & Sciences Farber Fund

Message from the Chair

The Executive Board is the umbrella governing body for our administration of the four Farber Funds that provide so much benefit to the students of this Department.  Normally, the Executive Board meets in person during D-Days.  However, the October 5th meeting lacked the needed 25 members to decide on certain Bylaw changes recommended by the Administrative Committee.  Accordingly, for the first time in memory, the Executive Board voted by mail ballots on both the bylaw modifications and the related election of four officers to two year terms on the Administrative Committee.  It is my pleasure to announce that the vote was 35 to 1 for adopting the revised bylaws and electing Russell Olson, Kevin Schieffer, Joel Glover and Andrew Christianson to office. The full membership of the Executive Board is published in every issue of the newsletter along with the qualifications for the various categories that confer voting rights.  If anyone suspects that he or she has been erroneously left off this list, please contact Cheryl Hovorka directly at or (605) 677-5702.  Cheryl will immediately check with the Foundation to verify eligibility status.

Executive Board Membership Categories:

  1. Life Board Members. All persons who have contributed a total of $5,000 or more to the Funds since their inception.
  2. Active Board Members. All persons who have contributed at least $1,000 to the Funds since their inception, who have also contributed at least $300 to the Funds during the preceding three years, and who are not Life Board Members. If no contribution has been received from a member during a three-year period, the member will be considered inactive, but may be reinstated to active status upon the contribution of $300.
  3. Junior Board Members. All persons under the age of 35 who have contributed at least $300 to the Funds during the preceding year and who are not either Life Board Members or Active Board Members.

Our Current Newsletter is once again replete with stories about the accomplishments and activities of our students, faculty and alumni. I trust that our many friends will get almost as much enjoyment from reading about these events as the students did in experiencing them! If anyone has questions about any of them, please do not hesitate to contact me at (605) 677-5242 or

As always, please also take a moment or two every once in a while to see the many activities of the Department that are regularly posted to our Political Science and Farber Fund web pages.

William Richardson
William D. Richardson, Chair
Department of Political Science