College of Arts & Sciences Government Research Bureau


The Government Research Bureau (GRB) is committed to applying modern research techniques to most any public policy issues or concerns.

Since 1939, the GRB has worked with and advised state and private agencies throughout South Dakota and the Siouxland community, establishing a long list of potential sources with access to data in almost any field of public policy that may need to be studied or evaluated. A quick review of our Current and Recent Projects and Project Proposals will provide a insight into the types of products we can produce for your organization.

The Experienced Staff at the GRB brings a wide range of insights and practical approaches to analyzing even the most complex public policy issues. Our presence in a university environment provides unique opportunities in allowing the GRB to draw from all aspects of this diverse setting. 

The GRB often uses a task force approach when doing applied policy research, drawing from experts in a variety of disciplines, including Economics, the Law School, Mathematics, Geological Survey, Computer Sciences, Political Science, and Criminal Justice.


The Government Research Bureau has a five-fold mission: 

  1. To engage in research on public policy and administrative issues affecting the State of South Dakota, local governments, and American Indian Reservations, and to publish the results thereof.
  2. To use the latest analytic techniques and computer applications to evaluate and assess the impact of policy with particular emphasis on state and region.
  3. To provide technical assistance to state and local government officials in the areas of economic development and policy instigation.
  4. To serve the public and governmental information needs of individuals, businesses, government agencies, and other organizations throughout the State of South Dakota and the Siouxland region.
  5. To offer research and training opportunities for students interested in public service careers.  Apply Here.

If your organization would like to work with the GRB, please Contact Us.