College of Arts & Sciences International Studies


We Offer:

Our program is designed to help you become internationally literate and open to diverse cultures, ideas, languages, politics, history, literature, and more. We provide students with a basic and broad understanding of the international environment of the 20th and 21st centuries, as well as prepare undergraduates for employment in the fields of education, business, government, journalism, and non-governmental organizations – all fields that require workers with a liberal arts education and international literacy.

International Studies is a growing field. Our graduates have the broad multidisciplinary background, solid foundation in a foreign language and experience abroad that agencies and businesses seek in today's "smaller" world.

Beyond the Classroom 

We offer many opportunities to get involved outside the classroom! You can participate in Travel Abroad and exchange study programs to gain firsthand global experience, or Volunteer with any number of international organizations to provide humanitarian work, educational opportunities and cultural exchanges in countries around the globe.

Scholarships & Awards

USD awards numerous scholarships each year. Please see Admissions and Honors for more information.

In addition, the Farber Fund provides over $170,000 each year for Political Science, Criminal Justice, and International Studies majors to attend conferences, participate in study tours, complete internships, travel abroad and conduct research.