College of Arts & Sciences Political Science

MA in Political Science Program

Program Overview

The Master of Arts in Political Science is designed for students who wish to gain in-depth knowledge of a specific area of emphasis within Political Science. Through coursework within Political Science and research opportunities recipients of the MA will be prepared for diverse careers or further study.  Our goal for the MA program is to advance understanding and explanation in the fields of American politics & public policy, and international relations.  The delivery of the MA program is designed to accommodate traditional students who make graduate study their primary professional focus, as well as non-traditional students maintaining full-time employment.  Students in the MA program can complete courses that utilize a variety of delivery methods, including face-to-face courses on campus, online courses, and hybrid courses that adopt a blended face-to-face and distance delivery method to insure the greatest possible flexibility and student/faculty collaboration.

The MA program offers two Areas of Emphasis:
  • American Politics and Public Policy
  • International Relations

Joint Juris Doctor/Master of Arts Program

Students pursuing a Juris Doctor (JD) degree through USD's School of Law can simultaneously pursue the MA in Political Science through the joint JD/MA program.  The degrees are earned concurrently over the course of three years, and students may opt for either the thesis or non-thesis track in the MA program.  Students merge credit hours from the two degree programs so that 9 credit hours in certain law courses apply toward the MA degree, and 9 hours in certain MA courses apply toward the JD degree requirements.  Students consult with the MA Program Advisor for American Politics & Public Policy in selecting coursework for their program of study.

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