College of Arts & Sciences Political Science


Active Citizens & Leaders

With a degree in Political Science, the next brilliant presidential campaign might just be yours! A degree in Political Science prepares students for careers in politics and government, law, mass media and other public/administrative professions. Most importantly, it prepares students to be active, responsive citizens and leaders.


Political Science students benefit from a number of awards, Scholarships and opportunities for study, research and experience from within the department as well as our Affiliates.

Farber Fund

Now totaling approximately $4.5 million, the Farber Fund provides more than $170,000 each year for Political Science, Criminal Justice and International Studies majors to attend conferences, participate in study tours, complete internships, travel abroad and conduct research. We know of no other university in the nation with this amount of money available in a single department for students.


Our students have participated in events such as the Model United Nations conferences in Chicago, Toronto, and San Francisco, the center for the study of Presidency conference in Washington, DC, and research and study trips to China, Israel, Germany, Cuba, France, London and elsewhere.


A wide variety of internship experiences are available to students, who are especially encouraged to intern with the U.S. Congress and the SD State Legislature.

Get Involved

We have several active student organizations: