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Student Testimonials

Dr. Stefan Schulenberg
"My time at USD was invaluable because of the emphasis I placed on the daily learning experiences."

Stefan E. Schulenberg, Ph.D.  -
Spring, TX

Major:  Psychology
Specializations: Clinical Psychology; Clinical Disaster Psychology
2001 Alumni

I chose USD for the quality of the doctoral program in clinical psychology, as well as the genuineness and authenticity of the clinical training program's faculty.

My interest in clinical psychology was cultivated while an undergraduate at another university in the early 90's. When I graduated, I knew that I wanted to be a psychologist, and I felt that the graduate program at USD had the clinical psychology doctoral program with the best qualities to help me along the way.

Dr. Barb Yutrzenka was most influential in the early part of my career. She was a great mentor, and model as to working as a psychologist in a university setting.

I graduated from USD in 1998 with a master's degree in clinical psychology and in 2000 I went to Columbia, South Carolina for an internship, graduating from USD with a Ph.D. in 2001. While a graduate student at USD, I took advantage of the disaster mental health training available through the University's Disaster Mental Health Institute (DMHI).  The training I received at USD as a graduate student guided my career, opened doors, and helped to give me the confidence to go into the world and give it everything I've got to make a difference by helping others.

I enjoyed the small town atmosphere Vermillion had to offer. It was easy to get to know people and I found people to be especially open and friendly, whether at USD or in the Vermillion community. I especially enjoyed the challenges of the coursework, the mentorship of the Psychology Department faculty, and the professional and personal growth that I was able to achieve throughout my time at USD.

I am currently a licensed psychologist in the state of Mississippi, an Associate Professor in the University of Mississippi's Psychology Department and the founder and Director of their Clinical-Disaster Research Center.