College of Arts & Sciences Clinical Psychology

Tuition, Fees and Other Expenses

Tuition per credit hour: on-campus courses
Graduate assistant* (on-campus course) $70.15
Resident $210.40
Non-resident $445.30
 *All students admitted to the clinical program are offered a graduate assistantship that qualifies them for the tuition reduction to one-third of the in-state/resident costs.

Fees per credit hour
Mandatory fees per credit hour
University support fee $90.30
General activity fee $38.30

Additional fee - International Students
International Student fee (one-time fee)

Tuition and fees per credit hour: Internet/distance education**
Graduate assistant* (Internet/online course)
Graduate student (without an assistantship; Internet/online course)
Graduate distance education centers (no reduction for graduate assistants) $400.05
**Applies to resident and non-residents

Estimated cost: 2013-2014
Tuition and fees

9 months; 12 credits per semester; graduate assistant; on campus courses

  • Tuition: 12 x $70.15 = $841.80 per semester x 2 semesters = $1,683.60         
  • Fees: 12 x $128.60 = $1,543.20 per semester x 2 semesters = $3,086.40

TOTAL = $2,385 tuition and fees per semester x 2 semesters = $4,770

Living expenses

9 months; single student; average for Vermillion

  • Books:  $1,100
  • Housing: $4,223 ($470/month)
  • Meals: $2,812 ($312/month) 
  • Transportation: $2,567 ($285/month)
  • Personal expenses : $2,511 ($279/month)  

TOTAL estimated costs for 9 months = $17,983

The FAFSA number for USD is 003474. This information should be sent to the USD Financial Aid Office by June 15 (or as soon as possible) in order to ensure its availability at the time of registration. For more information, contact the USD Financial Aid Office at 1-877-269-6837.

Financial Support

For more information on graduate school tuition and fees, refer to our Business Office.