College of Arts & Sciences Psychology


We offer the state's most complete and fully implemented Psychology program with degrees through the doctoral level.

Doctor of Philosophy

Your specific program of study will be determined in consultation with the academic advisory committee and the faculty of the specialty program (Clinical or Human Factors). Students in the Clinical Psychology program are required to complete a year-long internship at an approved site; internship/practicum placements are also encouraged for Human Factors students. Students earn a Master of Arts degree en route to the Ph.D. degree.

  • Clinical Psychology
    The mission of the Clinical Program is to prepare Clinical Psychologists who will work effectively as scientist-practitioners within the culturally diverse world. Our Clinical Psychology Program is fully accredited by the American Psychological Association and has been since 1971.

    The doctoral specialty track in Clinical/Disaster Psychology and Graduate Certificate in Disaster Mental Health is offered by the Disaster Mental Health Institute, a South Dakota Board of Regents Center of Excellence. USD is the first school in the nation to offer a full curriculum in Disaster Psychology and the first to offer this approved doctoral specialty.

  • Human Factors
    Human Factors involves the discovery of information regarding human behavior, abilities and limitations, and applies these characteristics to the design of systems, tasks, machines, tools and environments to enhance efficiency, safety and productivity in their use.