College of Arts & Sciences Psychology


Building Bridges Conference

Building Bridges provides opportunities for students and faculty to learn effective ways to make higher education a positive experience for all students, but especially Native American students.

Clinical Psychology

The Clinical Program prepares clinical psychologists who will work effectively as scientist-practitioners within the culturally diverse world. The program offers a broad exposure to a variety of clinical and research training opportunities with children, adolescents and adults.

Disaster Mental Health Institute

The mission of the Disaster Mental Health Institute (DMHI) is the promotion, development, and application of both practice and research in disaster mental health.

Human Factors

Human factors involves the discovery of information regarding human behavior, abilities and limitations and applies these characteristics to the design of systems, tasks, machines, tools and environments to enhance efficiency, safety and productivity in their use.

Psychological Services Center

The Psychological Services Center is an outpatient clinic which provides treatment services to children, adults, couples and families through a variety of modalities including brief, longer term, individual, marital, family and group psychotherapy.