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The Sustainability major and minor are highly interdisciplinary.  As such, courses for the Sustainability program are offered from a variety of departments.

Spring 2015 Sustainability Course Offerings

Core Courses
Social Sciences Specialization
Natural Sciences Specialization

* Serving the needs of nearly 40 million people living in the most arid regions of North America the Colorado River has been described as "the most legislated, most debated, and most litigated river in the entire world." ENGL 370/SUST 392, "Writing the River," will examine the wide range of legal, scientific, economic, and artistic expression inspired by the Colorado and locate these texts within the river's complex history and current management issues. Within this study we will give particular attention to a variety of marginalized voices including those from Native and Latino/Hispano communities that have been historically neglected at the bargaining table. To gain a greater understanding of the river's complexity we will blend traditional classroom instruction with a required ten-day fieldtrip to the Colorado River's Upper Basin. The trip will take place during Spring Break (March 6-15), and will provide us with an intimate look at the Colorado's diverse landscapes and stakeholders. Following the river from the Continental Divide in Colorado, we will travel through portions of Utah and Arizona as we encounter sites of historical, economic, and cultural significance. Highlights will include visits to Arches and Grand Canyon National Parks, Glen Canyon Dam, and the Hopi village of Walpi. Along our route we will meet with various individuals representing some of the river's many interests. This is an advanced writing course that fulfills the university's upper-division critical writing requirement; student projects will include a range of writing-based activities that culminate in an extended research paper developed through class discussion and on-site learning.

Because of the nature of this course students must be able to walk for extended periods of time over difficult terrain and at altitudes well over 5,000 feet above sea level. Students should also be comfortable with significant temperature fluctuations as we will travel through alpine and high desert environments where March weather is very unpredictable. The fieldtrip cost is $1300/student. The course is open to all majors; prerequisites include taking one of the following as determined by your field: ANTH 211, CJUS 202, ENGL 201, ENGL 205, ENGL 283, ENGL 284, POLS 202, SOC 211 or UNHON 211.