College of Arts & Sciences Women and Gender Studies


Many departments offer courses in Women and Gender Studies and related areas. Women and Gender Studies minors may also earn credits from certain special topics courses and independent studies.

Women and Gender Studies Introduction 247 (WMST 247) provides a foundation for the minor. To complete the remaining 15 hours, you may choose any Women and Gender Studies courses, with the restriction that no more than six hours may be taken in any prefix area.

Spring 2015

Fall 2014 Semester

  • ANTH/SOC 261 Human Sexuality
    Five Tuesdays at University Center Sioux Falls, 9-11:45 a.m. and online

    This course focuses on the study of human sexuality as it relates to anthropology and sociology. Topics include: primate sexuality, evolution of sexuality, human reproductive physiology, sexual behavior in non-Western cultures, and sociological perspectives on sexuality in contemporary American society.
  • ANTH-455: Cross-cultural Study of Women
    MWF 1-1:50
    The course is a critical review of literature on sex roles and the status of women from a cross-cultural perspective.
  • ARTH-401: History of Women and Visual Culture
    Correspondence Course

    This course will focus on women as both subjects and creators of art, while exploring the role of the visual in constructing ideas of femininity through a variety of crucial topics and issues. This exploration will involve a historical survey of women artists and their contributions, as well as an examination of the religious, mythological and secular images of women in art. A primary focus of the course will be the critical analysis of the creation, modification and persistence of these images throughout history due to varied social, economical, technological, psychological and intellectual conditions.
  • CJUS-419: Family Violence
    Correspondence Course

    This course explores the incidence, scope, and contributing factors in family violence. Various perspectives (feminist, psychological, sociological, historical, and legal) are examined. Topical issues include patriarchy, marital rape, domestic assault, and child sexual abuse. Coverage includes theories of violence, alternatives to violent interactions, and criminal justice system's response.
  • HIST 392/ WMST 492: Topics: Women's America to 1865
    T-TH 2-3:15

    Does American history change when we tell the story through women's eyes? Women's America to 1865 will answer this question by reexamining the stories of iconic women like Pocahontas and Jane Adams but also exploring the stories of lesser-known women, such as the slave-turned-Union spy Mary Boxer or Thomas/ine Hall, who was brought to court in 1643 to determine whether s/he was a man or a woman.  We'll explore how gender roles - the social definition of sexual difference - have changed historically, along with family structure and sexuality.  We'll consider how differences in race and class have also changed women's experiences of their gender and sexuality.  This is a 300-level survey-style class that will combine lecture and discussion. Students will complete short analytical and creative writing assignments, and exams.  The class is appropriate for students of all levels and levels of familiarity with American history. 
  • PHIL 364: Biomedical Ethics
    T-TH 3:30-4:45

    This course will focus on ethical problems generated by recent scientific, social, and legal developments such as right to life, right to die, right to health care, genetics research and counseling, doctor patient rights and definitions of health, personhood, and death will be discussed and analyzed in terms of traditional ethical issues and concepts with an emphasis on the ethical decision making process.
  • PSYC-368: Psychology of Sexuality
    T-TH 2-3:15

    This course investigates current social-sexual issues such as sexual initiation, contraceptive decision-making, interpersonal and social responses to STD's and AIDS, sexual aggression, erotica and pornography, and sexual satisfaction and intimacy. Prerequisites: PSYC 101 and BIOL 101.
  • SOC 481: Sociology of Family
    T-TH 9:30-10:45

    This course will offer a study of the family as a social institution, major family types, cross cultural comparisons and relations of the family to other institutions. Prerequisite: SOC 100
  • SOC-490: Seminar: The Woman Criminal
    Correspondence Course

    This course discusses the causes and consequences of the increase in the numbers of female criminals in the last few decades.
  • SPCM 401: Advanced Interpersonal Communication
    T-TH 12:30-1:45

    This course will offer advanced study of contemporary issues that have significant impact on interpersonal relationships (e.g., abusive communication, alternative lifestyles, virtual relationships). Students develop an understanding of the current communication research and social practices related to these issues.

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