College of Arts & Sciences Women and Gender Studies


Miglena Sternadori  

Miglena Sternadori
Women and Gender Studies Program Coordinator
Associate Professor, Department of Contemporary Media & Journalism
Al Neuharth Media Center 205H
(605) 677-6473


Dona Davis


Dona Davis
Professor, Department of Anthropology
East Hall 312
(605) 677-5402
Courses Taught: Cross-Cultural Approaches to the Study of Women,
Human Sexuality

Sara Lampert   

Sara Lampert
Assistant Professor, Department of History
East Hall 204
(605) 677-5219
Courses Taught: Women's America to 1865


Carol Leibiger


Carol Leibiger
Associate Professor, University Libraries
ID Weeks Library 131C
(605) 677-6089
Course Taught: European Literature II




Lynita Newswander 
Course Taught: Literature of Feminist Politics


Jack Niemonen


Jack Niemonen
Professor, Department of Sociology
East Hall 312
(605) 677-5591
Course Taught: Sociology of Family




Carolyn Prentice
Assistant Professor, Department of Communication Studies
Beacom Hall 
(605) 677-8818 
Course Taught: Family Communication




Molly P. Rozum
Associate Professor, Department of History
East Hall 211
(605) 677-5574
Courses Taught: U.S. Women's History, Women and the North American West




Cindy Struckman-Johnson
Professor, Department of Psychology
South Dakota Union 205
(605) 677-5295 
Course Taught: Psychology of Sexuality


JillT yler


Jill Tyler
Associate Professor, Department of Communication Studies
Beacom Hall
(605) 677-6199
Courses Taught: Critical Studies in Popular Culture and Communication, 
Advanced Interpersonal Communication


Susan Wolfe


Susan Wolfe
Professor Emerita, Languages, Linguistics and Philosophy
Courses Taught: Women Writers, Gender and Literature