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Graduate - John Haan

John Haan

John Haan
Commercial Credit Analyst
Bank of the West, Sioux Falls, SD

Hometown: Pollock, SD
Graduation, 2013
Degree/Major: Master of Business Administration (M.B.A.)

Professional Profile:

I started the MBA program in the summer of 2011 and graduated in May 2013. Since starting at the bank, my responsibilities as an analyst have expanded dramatically; and I have had the opportunity to work with highly sophisticated business owners and people from all divisions in the bank. I also studied for the Chartered Financial Analyst designation and passed all three levels, although I do not yet meet the work experience requirement to become a charterholder.

How Did Beacom Prepare Me For Success?

Each class that I took was designed for real-life application. Working full-time while attending the graduate program allowed me to take something I learned the previous evening and apply it at the office as soon as the next day. The education helped me  progress more quickly to my current position, as I was able to leverage my work experience and the MBA degree into a position that would typically require at least five years of experience at the bank.  

Advice to Prospective Students Considering Beacom?

What convinced me to pursue the MBA program at Beacom was the convenience of the program. Depending on my seasonal workload at the office, I would take from one to three classes at a time and that flexibility was a key factor for me. Taking a year or two off from work to continue my education was not an option for me and many others I knew. Once I took my first summer class, I knew that I would be able to finish. 

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 Quote1The education helped me  progress more quickly to my current position...Quote2


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