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Mission and Code of Ethics

Our Mission:
We are a community of scholars and practitioners committed to superior undergraduate and graduate business programs accredited by AACSB International.  We emphasize excellence in teaching, promote intellectual exchange and development, and advocate continuous learning.  Our teaching reflects a dynamic global environment.  Our services deliver value to our students, the university, business disciplines and society.


Our Code of Ethics:


"What we adopted was an affirmative statement as to who we are and who we intend to be, even in the dark when nobody is watching.  When you come to our school, this code of ethics is what you are going to find we hold ourselves to." 

Greg Huckabee, LL.M., Associate Professor of Business Law


Student Code of Conduct
 Code of Ethics

Faculty Code of Conduct


As members of the faculty and administration of Beacom School of Business and the University of South Dakota, we shall strive to:
  • Accept obligation to honor and defend academic freedom. 
  • Practice intellectual honesty. 
  • Act in a manner that will contribute positively to the overall mission and vision of Beacom School of Business and enhance personal and school reputation.
  • Accept a fiduciary relationship with the university based on loyalty, trust, good faith, and candor in performing job-related duties. In order to avoid conflict of interest or appearance of such, we will avoid all situations in which our interests or business dealings could be seen as in conflict with those of Beacom School of Business.
  • Adhere to the stated regulations of the institution, while we maintain the right to criticize and seek revision. 
  • Respect and safeguard confidential information. 
  • Avoid any mistreatment, harassment, or discriminatory treatment of students, faculty, administration, or staff.
As educators, we shall strive to:
  • Promote excellence and the free pursuit of learning in our students.
  • Demonstrate respect for students as individuals and adhere to our proper roles as intellectual guides and counselors.
  • Make every reasonable effort to foster honest academic conduct and to assure that evaluation, promotional, and disciplinary decisions for students reflect students' true merit.
  • Remain reasonably accessible to students.
As scholars and researchers, we shall strive to:
  • Remain current in our fields of expertise and in the general business environment.
  • Propose, conduct, and report research with integrity and with the highest ethical standards.
  • Avoid any exploitation of students for our private advantage and acknowledge assistance from them.
As colleagues, we shall strive to:
  • Be objective and unbiased in our conduct with colleagues. 
  • Show civility, courtesy, and respect towards others. 
  • Accept our share of faculty responsibilities for the governance and operations of our school, institution, and profession.
As members of our community, we shall strive to:
  • Avoid creating the impression of speaking or acting on behalf of Beacom School of Business or the university unless authorized to do so.
  • Contribute by doing service and taking on leadership roles when appropriate. 
  • Be law-abiding citizens.