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International Trade Center

The International Trade Center (ITC) is part of the South Dakota Small Business Development Center serving as a source of management assistance to small businesses considering exporting, new to exporting, or those with exporting finance packaging needs. 

Small businesses that are looking to increase sales and profit, reduce dependence on the domestic market and stabilize seasonal fluctuations should consider exporting.  Selling internationally will allow companies to grow and become more profitable.  Exporting can also help companies become a stronger competitor in their industries and differentiate them from others. 

Expanding internationally faces domestic challenges plus political, economic and cultural difference, different currencies, and compliance challenges.  Mistakes are costly, and can negatively impact a business, if planning is not done appropriately.  Companies need accurate and current statistics on industry insights on specific foreign markets.  The SBDC's International Trade Center can assist companies in overcoming the barriers of selling internationally. 

The International Trade Center can:
  • Identify and analyze your business's international trade needs, capabilities and problems
  • Provide in-depth counseling in international trade techniques, procedures and opportunities
  • Assess your company's export-related financing needs
  • Assist in structuring and compiling necessary documentation for export financing and SBA's Export Working Capital Program such as: business plan development, financial statement and analysis, cash flow preparation and analysis, course and application of funds, letters of credit, etc.
  • Aid your company in developing linkages with local lenders, SBA District Export Finance Officers, Ex-Im Bank personnel and U.S Commercial Service (U.S. Department of Commerce) 
  • Assist how to rank foreign market opportunities and find the best market       
  • Assist how to be in compliance with U.S and foreign laws
  • International Trade Center Brochure
Begin Exporting:

Rock Nelson, Director of the International Trade Center
SBA Certified in Export and Trade Counseling/Certified Global Business Professional
1 West Weather Lane, Suite 400
Sioux Falls, SD 57104-0121
Phone: 605-338-3424
Cell: 605-941-6696
Fax: 605-338-3424

Rock Nelson

Rock Nelson In addition to SBDC, Rock serves as International Marketing Director for the Sioux Falls Chamber of Commerce and Development Foundation. Work experiences include a food service business and operating an exporting business to Japan, Mexico and Canada.