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The South Dakota Kids Count Factbook provides a comprehensive look at the children in the State of South Dakota and can be an important tool in assessing the well-being of South Dakota's children and their families.

Census Data provides various publications about South Dakota children and families from the U. S. Census Bureau.

State Legislative District Data, from the 2007/11 American Community Survey (ACS), details Demographic, Housing, Family, and Economic data.

Facts on Kids in South Dakota is a monograph series that is published quarterly.

Regional Data is a compilation of SD KIDS COUNT Data by regions. These regions are: First District, Northeast Council of Governments, Southeast Council of Governments, Central SD Enhancement District, Black Hills Coincil of Local Governments, and Planning District Three.

Poverty Data provides a snapshot of children and families in poverty in the state.

Head Start Fact Sheets The Factsheets were prepared by the South Dakota KIDS COUNT for the South Dakota Head Start Association with funding from the South Dakota Head Start State Collaborative Office.  

Well Being of South Dakota's Infants and Children 

KIDS COUNT grantees in Montana and South Dakota received funding to work together on research of teen and child death rates. The data analysis specifically investigated deaths as a result of motor vehicle crashes.

The Rural KIDS COUNT Project was a unique project that sought to increase the visibility of rural communities so that policy makers consider their needs when assessing and recommending policy initiatives. Rural children's needs must be considered in making policy recommendations for the state as a whole.

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