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Student - Ian Williams

Ian Williams

Ian Williams

Hometown:  Sioux Falls, SD
Study Abroad Program:  University of Commerce in Otaru, Japan
Semester Abroad:  Fall 2013
Degree/Major:  Bachelor of Business Administration (B.B.A.) in Economics 


What I wanted in a study abroad program:
  1. A program that would allow me entirely new opportunities and offer a viewpoint of life far from what is comfortable.
  2. To study my discipline of Economics.
  3. Reasonably affordable. The Otaru program was perfect for all of these goals. The program combines the uniqueness of a culture I know almost nothing about with a school of economics that is quite expansive all for a reasonable price.
What I hope to gain from this program:

Sushi expertise! In all honesty that is probably four or five on the list but I do hope to gain a better understanding of the world I live in and my place in it through amazing life experiences. I also am immensely excited about the Economics courses.  I look forward to getting a fresh perspective on my field of study and hope it yields stimulating ideas that I otherwise would not have encountered.  

How did faculty and staff help with the process: 

The advisers at the Business School did a wonderful job at helping me select my classes and more importantly getting the classes to transfer back and equal meaningful credits for graduation. The Global Learning staff was a significant resource throughout the entire process. From communicating with Otaru to getting a student visa, their dedication and helpfulness was truly appreciated.  In all facets the faculty and staff did an amazing job at making sure the process of signing up for and going on a study abroad trip went as smoothly as possible.




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 Quote1I wanted a program that would allow me entirely new opportunities and offer a viewpoint of life far from what is comfortableQuote2


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