John T. Vucurevich Children's Center

About Us


The Vucurevich Children's Center strives to promote the continuous well-being of the children it serves by providing a quality learning experience in a child-centered environment.

  • Provide an educational program meeting the needs of each child with concern for their specific interests and talents
  • Create an environment promoting discovery, divergent thinking, continual growth in abilities and positive self image
  • Offer opportunities for children to grow and develop through exploration and experimentation with various learning materials and activities
  • Provide a nurturing environment where social competencies can be learned
  • Celebrate diversity among children, student staff and full-time staff members fostering cultural awareness
  • Promote open communication between families and caregivers
  • Cooperate with and assist parents in understanding the development of young children
  • Welcome parent involvement and interaction with children throughout the day
  • Provide written and verbal communication with parents regarding the social and academic progress of each individual child
  • Support the personal and professional growth of USD students
  • Promote USD student involvement in the Center
  • Help USD students gain knowledge of children, of themselves in relation to children, and to gain a higher level of competency working with young children