Student Services Coyote Card I.D.

Your Key to USD

Your Coyote Card ID will be your single most important identification at USD. This multi-purpose ID will be your Identification, meal card and library card. You'll use your card for residence hall access, laundry and vending machines, photocopies, printing, supplies and books, and even as a debit card that can be used with campus and community vendors. The Coyote Card ID is a safe, convenient way to buy the things you need. Pay for any purchase with a single swipe - no change to carry, no receipt to sign - and because your photo is on the card, vendors are able to verify your authenticity before each transaction.

Adding Money to Your Coyote Card ID:
  • Coyote Card Online. Students, family and friends can add funds to the Coyote Card ID using our online deposit system. It is available 24/7 and accepts credit card payment methods. (Note: Family and friends must know the student's last name and campus ID number to make a deposit on their behalf using the Coyote Card Online Guest Access). Students can check balances and review transaction history using the Coyote Card Online.
  • In Person. Visit or contact the Coyote Card Office.
  • Campus Value Transfer Stations. Use one of the automated campus machines for a quick cash deposit to your Coyote Cash.
Vendors Accepting Coyote Cash

On Campus

  • All Campus Dining Locations
    • University Brew
    • MUC C-Store
    • The Retail Marketplace
    • The Residential Dining
    • Einstein Bros Bagels
    • Chick-Fil-A
    • Qdoba
    • Papa John's
    • P.O.D. at Coyote Village
    • North Complex P.O.D.
  • The University of South Dakota Bookstore
  • USD printing labs
  • USD Student Health
  • Campus laundry machines
  • Various campus vending machines
  • ITS Help Desk


  • Asian Buffet
  • Burger King
  • Café Brule
  • Casey's
  • Chae's
  • Cherry Street Grille
  • Coffee Cup
  • Domino's Pizza
  • Freedom
  • Hy-Vee
  • Latté Da
  • Little Italy's
  • Mexico Viéjo
  • Mister Smith's Bakery, Café and Catering
  • SpeedyMart
  • Subway
  • The Roadhouse
  • Howler's


Depositing Additional Flex Dollars to USD Accounts

The following definitions will be used for tracking funds in Blackboard:

  • Flex – Meal Plan Flex Dollars loaded for current semester.
  • Carry Over Flex – Unused Meal Plan Flex Dollars remaining from Fall Semester.
  • Add-On Flex – Extra dining dollars purchased by students (after meal plan is used) or dining dollars purchased by employees.
  • Add-On Carry Over Flex – Unused Add-On Flex remaining from Fall Semester.
  • Bonus Flex – Incentive dining dollars added to a customer's plan provided by Aramark.
  • Coyote Cash – Debit account that can be used at campus locations or at some limited local merchants.
Student Funds
  1. Students required to have a meal plan may purchase Add-On Flex once they have exhausted their Meal Plan Flex dollars for the semester.  Students not required to have a meal plan may purchase Add-On Flex dollars at any time.
  2. A minimum of $10 in Add-On Flex dollars must be purchased at one time.
  3. Aramark will provide a 10% bonus to any Add-On Flex purchase of $100.00 or more.  (Example:  $150 deposited by customer.  $15 Bonus provided by Aramark.  Total amount added to customer account will be $165.)
  4. Student funds will be used in the following drain order:
    • Flex & Carry Over Flex
    • Add-On Flex & Add-On Carry Over Flex
    • Bonus Flex
    • Coyote Cash
  5. Funds can be loaded in the Coyote Card office or through their online account.  Students wishing to deposit funds online must first set up an account by contacting the Coyote Card office.
Unused Flex Dollars will be carried over from fall to spring semester only. Any dollars not used by the end of the spring semester will be refunded by request only.  The following paperwork needs to be completed to obtain a refund:
    1. Coyote Cash Refund Form
    2. Add-On Flex Refund Form
    3. A W-9 must be completed to receive a refund
    4. Balances of unused Coyote Cash funds will be reconciled according to USD Policies.
You are responsible for protecting your Coyote Card ID. You are liable for unauthorized purchases.