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Meal Plan Appeals Policy and Process

The Meal Plan Appeals Process is in place to provide recourse for those students who wish not to purchase a full meal plan for medical or other reasons.  The University of South Dakota requires freshman or sophomores who live on campus to purchase a meal plan each semester.  Students who feel their circumstances should exempt them from the requirement may submit a Meal Plan Appeals Form.  Once the form has been reviewed, a meeting will be arranged with the Appeals Board.  Student participation is encouraged at this meeting, but not required. 

Documentation Advised
  • Successful refunds are typically based on medical or financial reasons. In both cases, the Appeals Board strongly encourages the student to provide documentation confirming such status.  Failure to provide documentation decreases the chances of a refund being granted. Such documentation is the student's responsibility to provide and should be included with the Appeals Form.
  • Students needing to provide medical documentation may attain this documentation through the Sanford Clinic Vermillion at 20 South Plum Street. A medical professional will assess previous medical documentation or provide an assessment of the student's current status. The Sanford Clinic staff are familiar with both the appeal process and the dining options available through USD Dining Services, and as such, is USD's medical partner in this appeals process.
Appeals Not Granted For
  • The building in which a student lives. 
  • Personal convenience (i.e. money can be saved by purchasing groceries).
  • Vegetarian/vegan and gluten-free options. Students and family members are encouraged to talk with USD Dining Services Executive Chef to discuss their individual nutritional needs and learn about the food options available through all of the Dining Services locations. A meeting can be arranged by calling 677-5334.
Appeals Board Members
  • Director of Food Service (or designee)
  • Associate Dean of Students (or designee)
  • Assistant Director of Housing (or designee)
  • Student Accounts representative
  • Residence Hall Government Association student representative 
  • Student Government Association President (or designee) 
  • Two (2) Community Advisors – appointed by Associate Dean of Students