Student Services Event Planning & Scheduling

Table Reservation Form

Table reservations at the Muenster University Center MUST be made using the following form. All table reservations at the MUC are considered sales and solicitation, and those reserving tables must read, sign and comply with the USD Sales & Solicitation Policy (#7.005). Submit your table reservation by using the form below. Submission of this form indicates that you have read the the tabling guidelines at the end of this form and the USD Sales & Solicitation Policy.

The Following Guidelines Apply to all Table Reservations in the MUC:

  • No food items may be sold or given away without prior approval from Campus Dining, a written approval must be emailed directly from the Food Service Director or a hard copy may be submitted with this form.
  • All raffle ticket sales must be approved by the USD Finance office before the table reservation can be made. Please note: university policy states that raffle requests must be made 30 days before the raffle begins. For more information see University Policy 2.021.
  • Textbooks may not be sold within the MUC by any entity other than the USD Bookstore.
  • Homemade food items may not be sold or given away at the MUC.
  • If an outside vendor will be at the MUC on behalf of a student organization, the student organization must make all reservation arrangements.
  • All commission/table reservation fees due to the MUC must be paid on or before the last day of the reservation.
  • For specific information on commission and fees, please review the USD Sales & Solicitation Policy

***Keep in mind, your table reservation is not complete until you receive a confirmation email.***

(*) Required

Include area code. Do not include parenthesis, hyphens or periods.

If more than one table or banner is needed please note in Additional Information at bottom of form.

T-Shirt Sales (all T-shirts sold at the MUC must be approved by the Campus Events Coordinator before this form is turned in). T-shirt designs can be submitted as an image or pdf by email to Kyle Schoenfelder ( or they can be brought into the Muenster University Center Room 130 for approval.

Description of items to be sold (a photo or sample item must be approved before the reservation begins).

If the purpose for your reservation does not fall into one of the above categories, please provide a detailed description of the purpose of your table reservation

Please note if there is any additional information we should be aware of.