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Sorority & Fraternity Life at USD

Why Join?

The Greek experience bestows upon you the ability to receive hands on training in the operation and management of an organization. Whether you manage chapter budgets of over $500,000, serve on the executive board, or serve at the community's soup kitchen, the Greek experience will develop life skills that allow you the opportunity to reach personal goals.  

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Sorority & Fraternity Life

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Guide to Sorority & Fraternity Life

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USD has four sororities and eight fraternities. Each chapter at USD offers an outstanding opportunity to connect you to other students and the institution, as well as an amazing experience of sisterhood and brotherhood. Our hope is that the best memories of a student's college career include a sorority or a fraternity.

Sorority & Fraternity Life

Since 1903, USD sororities and fraternities have cultivated values, provided opportunities for leadership, and have allowed for personal and professional growth for students. Sorority & Fraternity members strive for academic excellence by providing members scholastic assistance through peer tutoring, academic coaching, scholarships and awards. USD holds sororities and fraternities in high regard because of their commitment to friendship, scholarship, leadership and citizenship.

The Sorority & Fraternity Experience

The Sorority & Fraternity experience is an opportunity for students to become engaged with their education and their community. Students who are involved in Sorority & Fraternity Life benefit from developing social skills, interpersonal relationships, communication skills, time management and self-confidence

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