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President's Initiative

The President of The University of South Dakota has developed the following initiatives in order to support the continued development of the Greek community.

Live-in Advisors

Chapters with housing facilities will be required to have a live-in advisor or housemother. Chapters will provide room and board for the graduate assistant/housemother. If chapters choose to hire a GA, the University and chapters will split the cost of the graduate assistant stipend.

Alcohol within the Facilities

All fraternity chapters are common-area dry. If chapters wish to host a party with alcohol, they must find a third party off-premises vendor. Sororities are substance-free.


Fraternities and sororities may initiate members only if these new members have earned a cumulative university grade point average of 2.5, thus effectively postponing initiation until second semester.


All chapters will be required to use the University for the billing of member house payments, and meals (dues and fees are optional).

Meal Plans

Chapters must provide meal plans to all members in residence.


Exemption from the Residence Halls Second year fraternity/sorority members are released from the Board of Regents two (2) year on-campus live-in policy only if they have completed 28 credit hours and have a 2.5 cumulative grade point average by the conclusion of the spring semester. Students, once exempt to live in a fraternity/sorority house, are obligated to live in the chapter house for two semesters minimum, regardless of age or academic standing. Any student moving from a Greek house prior to completing the two semester residency requirement shall move back into a residence hall in order to fulfill the Board of Regents two year live-in policy. Students who have signed a voluntary contract with University Housing (students who are at least two years post high school graduation) also are eligible for a Greek Exemption without financial penalty as long as the application is received by the deadline. These students are obligated to live in the chapter house for one semester, regardless of age or academic standing.