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SGA Membership

Do you have questions about SGA or want to learn how to become part of this important student organization? Please feel free to contact one of our Executive Team members or Senators.


College of Arts & Sciences
  • Leah Gleason
  • Sami Zoss
  • Jamie Rykhus
  • Lyndsay Claussen
  • Nicholas Henchal
  • Brent Olinger
  • Nathaniel Steinlicht
  • John Slunecka
  • Alexander Zephier
  • Rachelle Norberg 
Health Sciences
  • Taylor Gall
  • Amber Schnitzler
College of Education
  • Micaela Duch
  • Emily VanLaecken
Beacom School of Business
  • Sheldon Moysis
  • Muhammad Ali Suria
Fine Arts


Graduate School


At-Large Student Body Representatives
  • Jim Gulbranson
  • Brent Seehafer
  • Sydney Hayes
  • Chelsea Gilbertson
  • Alayna Ackerman
  • Michael Buchanan
First-Year Representatives
  • Lyndsay Claussen
  • Dustin Santjer