Student Services Student Government Association

Standing Committees


The Finance Committee recommends action to the full senate on all SGA special appropriations - money appropriated after the fall and spring budget processes. The committee also recommends approval or disapproval of requested reallocation of funds within student organization accounts.  

State & Local Government

The State & Local Government committee is responsible for building community and university relations, maintaining contact with alumni, communicating with the South Dakota Student Federation, and handling issues related to Board of Regents meetings.  

Student & Internal Affairs

The Student & Internal Affairs committee is responsible for assisting student organizations with the following:

  • Gaining recognition and funding from SGA
  • Reviewing student organization constitutions
  • Identifying and communicating student concerns to the student judicial process
  • Recommending action on all SGA Constitution or By-Law revisions
  • Ensuring the effectiveness and efficiency of student services
  • Acting upon student concerns in all areas of campus life