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The University of South Dakota has well over 100 student organizations that are officially recognized by the Student Government Association. Student organizations at the University of South Dakota are based on, centered around, led, governed, and directed by students. These organizations make a difference in the lives of students by creating a connection to campus, the community, and their peers. Student organizations on campus are based on an array of topics, interests, and fields of study. The large number of organizations allows students to connect with a group of peers with similar interests. When coupled with the dedication of its student members, the campus culture is greatly enriched. Student organizations have a real and profound effect on the University and the outside world through their vision, goals and accomplishments.

Student Organizations:

  1. Are Student Led and Organized
  2. Governed by the Student Government Association
  3. Provide opportunities for:
    • Leadership Development
    • Organizational Skills
    • Budget Handling and Development
    • Global Vision of the Organization
    • Community Service
    • Creative Thinking
    • Problem Solving
  4. Adhere to the policies and procedures of the University of South Dakota

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More information about Student Organizations can be found within the myUSD Portal.