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Health Insurance

Student Health is not an insurance. It is a list of discounted rates that are offered to students through the Student Health Agreement with USD. That is why it is very important to consider an alternative source from which your medical care can be covered.

Domestic Insurance Marketplace

There are several options available to you to seek health insurance coverage in the federal health insurance marketplace or from private insurance carriers.   The health insurance marketplace website has interactive tools that will assist you in finding an insurance plan that meets your coverage needs and will help you determine if your income level qualifies you for a subsidy. The state of South Dakota has three providers available in the health insurance marketplace, including: Avera Health Plans, Sanford Health Plan and DakotaCare.

International Student Insurance Carrier
International Student Insurance (ISO)
Toll free: (800) 244-1180
General: (212) 262-8922  

Plan Design Options: Please choose one of the following plans to fit your needs: 

  • Compass Silver
  •  Compass Gold
  • ISO Medi 1  
  • Conformity Unlimited – Affordable Care Act Compliant