Spectrum: Gender and Sexuality Alliance

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We educate the public on LGBTQQIA issues and also act as a support group.

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contact information
website: http://www.facebook.com/Usd10Society
email: GLBTA@usd.edu

individual contacts
name title email phone
Brandenburg, Lane treasurer Lane.Brandenburg@coyotes.usd.edu
Catlett, Jordan president Jordan.Catlett@coyotes.usd.edu
May, Melissa secretary Melissa.May@coyotes.usd.edu
Thury, Blake vice-president Blake.Thury@coyotes.usd.edu
Weinandt, Mandie advisor Mandie.Weinandt@usd.edu (605) 677-5690
Wiederhold, Seth president Seth.Wiederhold@coyotes.usd.edu