Go Club

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Go is a board game, having developed in China between 3000 and 4000 years ago. It is one of the eldest games. Today Go is played by millions of people in Asia and has gained more and more attention from people of USA and Europe. Go is easy to learn, but hard to master it.. Go is played with a board of 19 horizontal lines and 19 vertical lines and 2 color black/white stones (or plastic tokens). It’s a game trying to win by building territories with the black/white stones, who ever gains more territories in the end win the game. Just like chess, Go is also an intellectual-challenging game, and popular weise.

membership requirements:
Go board, black and white plastic tokens.

individual contacts
name title email phone
Christiansen, Gary secretary Gary.D.Christiansen@coyotes.usd.edu
Granaas, Michael advisor Michael.Granaas@usd.edu (605) 677-5351
Sullivan, Brandon president Brandon.Sullivan@coyotes.usd.edu
Tobias, Rebeka treasurer Rebeka.Tobias@coyotes.usd.edu
Wilson, Carly vice-president Carly.Wilson@coyotes.usd.edu