Contemplative Meditators

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A meditation group is a coming together of people who wish to get away from the general din of life so as to seek greater clarity and peacefulness. Lets provide a place where individuals may quiet their minds for the purpose of knowing themselves. A common intent for meditating is increasing concentration, awareness, and over-all mental fitness. Moreover, through the practice of meditation sectors of the brain invoking such mental states as empathy, compassion, and joy become activated. Please come if you wish to still yourself, work through a personal issue, or just simply if you want to relax for an hour.

membership requirements:
Come knowing you will be quiet and still. Be open and receptive. Above all, chill out.

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postal: 209 W. Cedar
Vermillion, SD  57069

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Froke, Levi president (605) 677-6884
Smith, Elizabeth advisor (605) 677-5242