Association for the Advancement of Women's Rights

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organization information
People of all genders to come together to address gender equality and inequality in a respectful, thoughtful, and constructive manner; provide valuable resources and support to women at the University of South Dakota; further the advancement of women in American society; address multicultural issues among women; and provide an avenue for positive, instrumental relationships to develop between all genders.

membership requirements:
Open to all enrolled USD students, faculty, and staff

contact information
postal: MUC 218; 414 E Clark St
Vermillion, SD  57069

individual contacts
name title email phone
Akuma, JeanPaul coordinator
Bagley, Caitlyn secretary
Bloom, Mariah co-president
Galpin, Janelle coordinator
Heerdt, Sarah co-president
Johnson, Sophie vice-president
Leibiger, Carol advisor (605) 677-6089
McDowell-Johnson, Teresa advisor (605) 677-6030
Mustafic, Danira coordinator
Nordyke, Shane advisor (605) 677-6663
Suria, Muhammad treasurer