Pi Kappa Alpha

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Pi Kappa Alpha is dedicated to developing men of integrity, intellect, and high moral character and to fostering a truly lifelong fraternal experience.

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contact information
website: http://www.usdpikes.org
email: pikes@usd.edu
postal: 309 North Pine Street
Vermillion, SD  57069

individual contacts
name title email phone
Belch, William Recruitment Chairman William.Belch@coyotes.usd.edu
Berberovic, Dzenan advisor Dzenan.Berberovic@usd.edu
Christensen, Nathan Vice President of External Affairs Nathan.D.Christensen@coyotes.usd.edu
Clarke, James Sargeant at Arms James.Clarke@coyotes.usd.edu
Haaland, Joshua New member education Joshua.Haaland@coyotes.usd.edu
Henchal, Nicholas secretary Nicholas.Henchal@coyotes.usd.edu
Hensley, Cole Director of Communications Cole.Hensley@coyotes.usd.edu
Jeffries, Robert New member education Robert.Jeffries@coyotes.usd.edu
Meyer, Amos president Amos.Meyer@coyotes.usd.edu
Millar, Scott Risk Awareness Scott.Millar@coyotes.usd.edu
Parliament, Cody treasurer Cody.Parliament@coyotes.usd.edu
Wynia, Nathan Vice President of Internal Affairs Nathan.Wynia@coyotes.usd.edu