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Each residence hall has a centralize mail located within the building or complex. Mail is sorted daily by in-hall staff and on a limited basis during break periods (Thanksgiving Recess, Winter Break, Spring Break, and Easter Recess). University Housing also provides mail-forwarding services when you move out of your residence hall room temporarily for the summer months or permanently when you move off-campus. McFadden Hall is the only exception as the U.S. Postal Service delivers and handles these building's mail. Any mail-forwarding must be set up through U.S.P.S.

Mail is typically sorted by the end of a business day. Please see your front desk or building office for specific sort-by times.

Mail-Forwarding Address Set-Up

To set up your mail-forwarding address, view the Online Housing System and navigate to your Profile.


Residence Hall Addresses
702 E. Cherry Street
Beede Hall #_____
Vermillion, SD 57069

Mickelson Hall (STUDENT NAME)
700 E. Cherry Street
Mickelson Hall #_____
Vermillion, SD 57069

Brookman Hall (STUDENT NAME)
317 N. Dakota Street
Brookman Hall #____
Vermillion, SD 57069

Norton Hall (STUDENT NAME)
400 N. Pine Street
Norton Hall #____
Vermillion, SD 57069

Burgess Hall (STUDENT NAME)
416 N. Pine Street
Burgess Hall #____
Vermillion, SD 57069

800 N. Plum Street
Olson Hall #____
Vermillion, SD 57069

Coyote Village (STUDENT NAME)
901 Rose Street
Coyote Village #____
Vermillion, SD 57069

Richardson Hall (STUDENT NAME)
802 N. Plum Street
Richardson Hall #____
Vermillion, SD 57069

McFadden Hall (STUDENT NAME)
808 N. University Street
McFadden Hall #____
Vermillion, SD 57069


Laundry Services

Each residence hall has an in-hall/complex laundry facility, which includes a washer and dryer. Laundry machines are rented using quarters and Coyote Cash. In Coyote Village, only Coyote Cash may be used. Students are expected to provide their own laundry detergent and fabric softener, as well as collect their laundry in a reasonable amount of time after washed and/or dried. The LaundryView is available in Coyote Village to track the progress of your laundry and receive alerts on your phone when it is finished.

Laundry Facility Locations

Beede Hall
Mickelson Hall
Olson Hall
Richardson Hall
Washers and dryers are located on each floor near the small floor lounge.
Brookman Hall Washers and dryers are located in the Brookman basement.
Burgess Hall
Norton Hall
Washers and dryers are located on each floor.
Coyote Village Washers and dryers are located on the main floor near the building mailboxes.
McFadden Hall Washers and dryers are located on the second and third floor; rooms 208 & 308.


LaundryView System

LaundryView allows Coyote Village residents to monitor washing machines or dryers from any mobile device. Residents can view which machines are available or how many minutes are left in a current cycle. Additionally, the system can send an e-mail or text message notification to alert residents when a cycle is done.

Getting Started

  1. Visit
  2. Click "Login".
  3. Select "Register Today."
  4. Create a login:
    1. Supply email address to get alerts to that email
    2. Supply phone number in email from to get alerts to your phone (Verizon:, AT&T: for more provider examples visit SMS 411 - everything you need to know about text messaging.
    3. Set "University of South Dakota" as location
  5. Follow directions to prove verification.
  6. Congratulations! You now have access to LaundryView!

Using LaundryView

  • Access LaundryView from any device with Internet access.
  • View Homepage to see current available laundry. A machine is "Available" if it is not currently running a cycle. "In Use" means it is running. "Idle" means that it has finished a cycle but the door has not yet been opened. "Unavailable" means that LaundryView has detected a problem with the machine.
  • If a room is busy, you can click on the "Need a Machine?" button to request to be notified when a specified number of washers and/or dryers are no longer running a laundry cycle.
  • If you have laundry in a washer or dryer, you can click on the machine to request a notification when it has completed its washing or drying cycle.
  • Use the Weekly Usage Report  to avoid the busiest times in the laundry room. It shows you how busy the laundry room was, hour by hour, during the previous two weeks.