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Pest Control Policy

The Office of Student Life/Housing is committed to an effective and efficient response to reports of pests in housing facilities. Our pest control measures include regular inspections and housekeeping controls and material treatments as needed. The materials and processes used to treat rooms and apartments are carefully selected to be safe and effective.

Student and Guest Responsibility:
  • You are responsible for practicing good housekeeping in your rooms and in the residence halls to help deter insects and pests.
  • You are expected to:
    • Store food properly in sealed containers.
    • Promptly clean dirty dishes/utensils.
    • Launder your clothing and bedding regularly to help reduce the chance of harboring pests.
    • Empty and inspect your backpack frequently.
    • Keep your room picked up and orderly.
    • Vacuum your room at least weekly.
    • Remove trash promptly (including pizza boxes).
    • Examine your bed and the area near your bed thoroughly every couple of weeks.
  • Residents who disregard good housekeeping and/or promote pest infestation may be responsible for the cost of extermination. 
  • Your belongings must be free of pests, or you must be willing to work with Office of Student Life/Housing staff to rid your belongings of pests.
  • You may not bring into our residence facilities second-hand or donated furniture or carpeting that may contain pests.
  • While traveling, you must take precautions to minimize the chance of bringing pests to campus.
  • If you have possibly been exposed to pests or suspect pests in your residence, you must follow response protocol for reporting the incident and correcting conditions.  Early detection and management is very important. Do not treat your room with chemicals, sprays or any other type of product to control or kill pests. This will hinder the efforts of professional exterminators. 
University Housing Responsibility:
  • We are responsible for responding to complaints or concerns of unhealthy or unsafe conditions by students or guests, including those potentially associated with insect or other pest outbreaks.
  • We are responsible for providing timely feedback to students.
  • We will provide the resources and information to educate all students about pests and the expected response protocol.
  • We will respond quickly to any student pest concern. 

Response Protocol for Detection and Treatment of Pests:
  • Ants, Roaches, Earwigs, Crickets, Bees, etc.
  • Rodents
  • Bed Bugs