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Residence Hall Staff

We realize that living away from home for the first time isn't always easy for students and it can be just as hard on parents as well. Your mind can be at ease knowing that building is filled with well-trained and responsive staff. A helping hand is always a few steps away.

Community Advisors

The Community Advisor (CA) is a live-in student-staff member carefully selected and trained by University Housing. Community Advisor staff live on each residence hall floor and are there to help students feel welcome and safe in their community and are trained to identify, understand and respond to student transition issues. As part of this, CAs answer student questions, hold floor meetings, organize floor activities/programs, enforce University policies, and respond to crisis situations.

Desk Staff

Students are hired work at the hall/complex front desks. Student desk staff provide customer service to students through the residence hall/complex front desk.

Staff Assistant

The Staff Assistant is a full-time staff member who works the front desk in North Complex, Coyote Village, and Burgess-Norton Complex. In addition to assisting with all the regular desk functions, the Staff Assistant is an amazing resource on Vermillion and the University of South Dakota community. A Staff Assistant can help with questions you may have about living in the residence halls.

Residence Hall Director

A Residence Hall Director (RHD) is a full-time, live-in professional with previous student services experience who assists the Assistant Director in management of the residence halls. The RHD is primarily responsible for supervision of the Community Advisor and front desk staff, advising Hall/Complex Council, hall/complex front desk operation, and programming in their hall/complex. The RHD is also available during emergency situations.

Assistant Director

The Assistant Director (AD) is a full-time, Masters-level professional with previous experience working with college students and/or residence halls. The AD supervises Residence Hall Director staff, coordinates programming, assists in the general administration of the housing program, and assists with crisis intervention and emergency response.

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