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Personal Training

Get the Motivation You Need

Trainers provide programs in weight loss, weight gain, improved strength, sport specific, overall fitness and more. USD personal trainers have the necessary tools and knowledge to effectively design and implement a program that will work for you. Results depend on personal application, realistic goals, and commitment to your program. Sign up today to experience a positive fitness environment that is committed to getting and working with you to reach your goals and results that you want.


How Do I Get Started?

  1. Complete the New Client Information Form and Personal Training Contract.
  2. Submit paperwork and payment to the Wellness Center.
  3. A personal trainer will contact you within three days to schedule your fitness assessment
What Will I Do in My Personal Training Sessions?
  • Weight and/or resistance training
  • Abdominal/core strength training
  • Flexibility/stretching
  • Cardiovascular fitness 
  • Interval and circuit training


Session Packages

Options are available for clients looking for personal training assistance. These packages can be scheduled for 1, 5, or 10 session blocks. Trainers provide programs in weight loss, weight gain, increased strength, sport specific activities, overall fitness and more. All of our trainers have the proper knowledge and implementation to prescribe the proper program for the best results. Our trainers realize that results depend on personal application, realistic goals, and commitment to the program. They are mindful of each client's personal life and are accommodating. There will be no lack of enthusiasm, sweat or results. Sessions last one (1) hour.

1 Session $25
5 Sessions $100
10 Sessions $180
30 Sessions $486

Program Design

Six-week program
Have a personal trainer design a program just for you. This six-week program design includes an initial consultation and pre fitness assessment with your trainer, a specialized 6 week to meet your specific goals and needs, one personal training session to get you going, and a post fitness assessment. This option is perfect for you if you need help getting started, reached a fitness plateau or just need some new training ideas to get back to it.



Group Personal Training

We offer group personal training for small groups with similar fitness goals. This option allows you to work-out with friends and/or family at a reduced cost with a personal trainer. Buddy sessions have 2 individuals per trainer, while small group sessions have 3-4 individuals per trainer. ***Recommended for group members to have similar fitness levels.

2 People (buddy) 3-4 People (small group)
Total Fee Per Person Total Fee Per Person
1 Session $28 $14 $36 - $48 $12
5 Sessions $120 $60 $150 - $200 $50
10 Sessions $200 $100 $240 - $320 $80

Body Composition Assessment

Body Composition is an assessment that measures the distribution of fat and lean body mass. The method in testing used is the bio-impedance method. The assessment will also include girth measurements which can be useful in pre and post testing as well as comparing waist-to-hip ratio. The overall can be completed in 15 minutes.




Physical Assessment

Physical assessments evaluate muscular strength and endurance, as well as cardiovascular capacity and flexibility. There will be a standard push up and sit up test, 3-minute step test, and various flexibility tests. This service is great for individuals looking to see where they are currently at and to set goals for where they want to be.