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Wellness Days

The Wellness Center, in partnership with Sanford Health, is pleased to bring you Wellness Days.  Being offered monthly throughout the semester, Wellness Days will offer multiple activities and services that members of the Wellness Center may utilize, free of charge.  These services will foster an educational environment, spread awareness and give an individual an idea of their physical well-being.

During this process, Certified Personal Trainers provided by the Wellness Center will assess physical health by analyzing:

  • Body Composition - An assessment that measures the distribution of fat and lean body mass. The method of testing uses the hand-held bio-impedance
  • Girth Measurements - An assessment that uses a tape measure to record the circumference around 7 different areas of the body.  This can be used to track progress throughout an exercise program.

Other services provided by qualified personnel of Sanford and community organizations include but are not limited to:  

  • Blood sugar tests
  • Cholesterol tests
  • Nutrition
  • Sun awareness
  • Informal massage
  • Spinal assessment

For more information about Wellness Days, please view the flyer.

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