Division of Continuing & Distance Education, Summer School Off-Campus & Distance Learning

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About Us

Why Choose USD?
  • Built upon a strong tradition of extending extraordinary academic programs to working professionals in the region and beyond. 
  • You have the opportunity to increase your knowledge and advance your career through the latest technologies and advanced learning theories - all from the comfort of your own home or office.
  • Programs are remarkably affordable. 

Our Services Include:

Student Support

Testing Services

Dual Credit Courses

Summer School

Faculty Support

Community Education

Customized & Professional Education

Correspondence Study


Our Mission Statement:

Extending the University of South Dakota to citizens of the State, region, and the world. 

Anytime, Anywhere Learning.

The Division of Continuing & Distance Education strives to achieve the following principles:

  1. Offer educational experiences which provide true student learning - advance knowledge and skill - good quality programs.
  2. Provide faculty support to allow faculty to focus on teaching and learning versus administrative tasks and technical concerns.
  3. Provide student support in keeping with best practices for distance education.
  4. Create a work culture where every staff member has the expectation and opportunity to develop professionally to the best of his/her ability.



Myra Bennettweb I would recommend obtaining an online education to anyone; furthermore, I would recommend obtaining an online education at the University of South Dakota. 

Myra Bennett
At Risk Coordinator
Powell High School
Powell, Wyo.