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Information Technology Consultant Academy





Program Description:

The University of South Dakota has partnered with Eagle Creek Software Services to develop an innovative learning experience which prepares individuals for the workforce needs of and potential employment with Eagle Creek.  Eagle Creek is a consulting company that helps customers maximize software investments to improve efficiencies and quality while managing price and risk.

The Information Technology Consultant Academy uniquely integrates four undergraduate courses with an internship, which will provide participants a unique credentialing entering an IT-related profession.

About Eagle Creek Software Services

Eagle Creek was founded in 1999 and provides consulting and technical expertise to the enterprise, enabling IT professionals to increase quality and efficiency while managing risk and price.  Eagle Creek is the largest systems integration company in North America dedicated to Oracle, CRM, BI and Application Development.  By use of their revolutionary "Dakota Model," Eagle Creek has successfully served more than 300 Fortune 1500 organizations across 15 industries.  For more information, visit Eagle Creek Software Services.

How does the Program work?
  1. Students will make application to the Academy.  Eagle Creek will interview applicants and select participants to enter the Information Technology Consultant Academy.
  2. Students will complete the four (4) courses required for the program and gain in-depth knowledge and skill in the professional areas of: Software Engineering for IT Consulting, Advanced Software Engineering for IT Consulting, Database Management Systems and Project Management for Business Consulting.  There is free tuition for qualifying students.
  3. Students who successfully complete the undergraduate certificate program may apply for entrance to a paid internship.
  4. If accepted for the internship, students may opt to receive credit for the internship if they choose (3-6 credit hours).  Students are responsible for paying tuition if they register for a credit bearing internship.
  5. Students who successfully complete the internship will qualify for a final interview which may lead to employment with Eagle Creek.
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