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Online EDAD Degrees

The Division of Educational Administration (EDAD) offers a host of online graduate programs designed to prepare individuals for administrative and leadership positions in the K-12 and adult and higher educational settings. We offer master's and educational specialist programs for school district superintendents, special education directors, curriculum directors, adult educators, and higher education administrators and classroom instructors.

We believe that reflective leaders are skilled educators whose practices and decisions draw upon the best available theory, research, and experiential wisdom. Reflective decision making engages administrators in cycles of thought and action based on theoretical, ethical, and professional knowledge.  The Division of Educational Administration is committed to preparing reflective leaders.  Get to know the EDAD Faculty and Staff.


Currently, the EDAD degrees available through online delivery include:

Educational Specialist (Ed.S.) in Educational Administration

Master of Arts (M.A.) in Educational Administration

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For additional information about the Online Educational Administration programs at USD, Request More Information or contact us at cde@usd.edu or 1-800-233-7937.

Note: A student seeking an Iowa educator license is advised that successful completion of this institution's program(s) of educator preparation does not qualify you for initial educator licensure by the Iowa Board of Educational Examiners.  A candidate seeking licensure in the State of Iowa must first be licensed/certified as an educator in the state in which preparation was completed.  This institution shall assist a candidate in contacting the appropriate licensing board in the state in which the candidate's preparation was completed.  This institution shall assist the candidate in understanding the requirements of the appropriate licensing board prior to the candidate's completion of this institution's program(s) of educator preparation.


MarciaHawkweb I made the decision to pursue a degree in Educational Administration at USD because of its status as a research institution, the availability of online classes and the affordability.  My experience has been nothing but extraordinary.

Marcia Hawk